Rahee was born on December 26 1992 and raised in Dubai, UAE in a multicultural family with close ties to Brooklyn, New York.  Early on, Rahee discovered that his strong visual sense manifested itself in an exceptional ability to create models very quickly from the designs.  He took a strong interest in creating models and original designs which continued in his higher education.

He went to a British Curriculum school and selected Media Studies, Psychology and English Literature as his A levels which are equivalent to the APs in the USA.  Following high school graduation, he moved to the US, attending Quinnipiac University.  He majored in May 2015 in Film, Video and Interactive mediawith a minor in Game Design.

Rahee applies his multicultural perspective, exceptional people skills, strong visual sense and his well developed technical skills to make inroads into the worlds of film editing and 3-D modeling, interested in relevant opportunities to begin a professional career in these fields.